Southeast Asia Edition – Vol. 2


  • Kuan-Chun Chang, From Zero to Something: The Necessity of Establishing a Regulatory System of Financial Conglomerates in China
  • Kyungho Choi, Korean Foreign Legal Consultants Act: Legal Profession of American Lawyers in South Korea
  • Diane A. Desierto, Justiciability of Socio-Economic Rights: Comparative Powers, Roles, and Practices in the Philippines and South Africa
  • Rahul Panwar, S. Jagannath v. Union of India
  • Orhon Myadar, Nomads in a Fenced Land: Land Reform in Post-Socialist Mongolia


  • Chasid M. Sapolu, Dumping on the Wai‘ānae Coast: Achieving Environmental Justice through the Hawai‘i State Constitution
  • Uilisone Falemanu Tua, A Native’s Call for Justice: The Call for the Establishment of a Federal District Court in American Samoa


  • Commentary on Important Legal Precedents for 2007: Trends in Constitutional Law Cases, translation by Mark A. Levin and Jesse Smith

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