Southeast Asia Edition – Vol. 1


  • Gary F. Bell, The New Indonesian Laws Relating to Regional Autonomy: Good Intentions, Confusing Laws
  • Jae Won Kim, The Ideal and the Reality of the Korean Legal Profession
  • Daniel E. Hall, Curfews, Culture, and Custom in American Samoa: An Analytical Map for Applying the U.S. Constitution to U.S. Territories
  • Kanishka Jayasuriya, The Exception Becomes the Norm: Law and Regimes of Exception in East Asia
  • Ming-yu Cheng and Sayed Hossain, Malaysian Experience and the Asian Turmoil


  • Catherine M. Bejerana, Capitalist Manifesto: The Inadequacy of Antitrust Laws in Preventing the Cannibalism of Competition
  • Paul C. Lin-Easton, Ending the Seige on America’s Bears: Implementing GATT-consistent Pelly Sanctions Against Bear-Trading Nations
  • Harry Williams, Property Rights and Legal Reform in Township and Village Enterprises in China

Case Note

  • Amy Self, Does I thru XXIII v. Advanced Textile Corp.: Saipan Workers Permitted to Sue their Employers Pseudonymously

Book Review

  • Dan Meagher, A Review of Colin James’s Building the Constitution

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