South Asia Edition – Vol. 3


  • Shristi Mathur, Diplomatic Immunity A Functioning Concept in Society of Today [View][Download]
  • Ankita Chakraborty, The Law Relating To Live-In-Relationships In India And The Breach Of Promise To Marry [View][Download]
  • Rahul Jaryal, A Failed Attempt of Marshall’s Towards International Peace [View][Download]
  • Aprajita Bhargava, Regulatory Framework of Anti-Dumping Laws in India [View][Download]
  • Afzal Wani, A Resolute Global Endeavour To Protect Traditional Knowledge: Concerns For Traditional Art And Craft In Kashmir [View][Download]
  • Aditi Bhargava, Conciliation: An Effective Mode of Alternative Dispute Resolution System [View][Download]
  • Arpit Sharma, International Mediation in South Sudan: A Perspective on International Law and Dispute Resolution [View][Download]
  • Swadha Rath, Differences Among Shia and Sunnis in the Law of Wills [View][Download]
  • Abhinav, India as an Emerging Power [View][Download]
  • Priyanka Parag Taktawala, International Transfer of SALW: Limitations & Problems [View][Download]
  • Pavithra Jaidev, TRIPS, Medicines & Human Rights  [View][Download]
  • Divya TripathiCritical Analysis Of The Anti-Trust Laws Under WTO And The Provisions Thereunder [View][Download]


  • Tejasv Anand & Srishti Juneja, Maneuver From the Angelic Consortium to an Austere Concordat [View][Download]