East Asia Edition – Vol. 1

Symposium Articles

  • Yukio Yanagida, A New Paradigm of Legal Training and Education in Japan
  • Setsuo Miyazawa, Legal Education and the Reproduction of the Elite in Japan
  • Mark Levin, Legal Education for the Next Generation: Ideas from America


  • Robert Sheppard, Towards A UN World Parliament: UN Reform For The Progressive Evolution Of An Elective And Accountable Democratic Parliamentary Process In UN Governance In The New Millennium
  • Myint Zan, Judicial Independence in Burma: No March Backwards Towards the Past
  • Katharina Heyer, From Special Needs to Equal Rights: Japanese Disability Law

Practioner’s Note

  • Steven Blayney, China Opens Wholesale/Retail Markets


  • Joseph Rodriguez, A Comparative Study of Internet Content Regulations in the United States and Singapore: The Invincibility of Cyberporn

Case Note

  • Maria Estanislao, Right of Final Adjudication and Interpretation in Hong Kong: Establishing Constitutional Interpretation Procedures


  • Ainu Shinpou: Act for the Promotion of Ainu Culture and Dissemination of Knowledge Regarding Ainu Traditions, translation by Masako Yoshida Hitchingham

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