Australian Edition – Vol. 1

Legal Reforms

  • Robert F. Grondine, An International Perspective on Japan’s New Legal Education
  • Mark Levin, The American Kaizen of Law Teaching
  • Gerald Paul McAlinn, Reforming the System of Legal Education: A Call for Bold Leadership and Self-governance
  • Luke Nottage, Reformist Conservatism and Failures of Imagination in Japanese Legal Education
  • Dan Rosen, Schooling Lawyers
  • Rahul Panwar, Copyright, Its Infringements And Its Remedies Under The Copyright Act 1957
  • Carl E. Schneider, On American Legal Education
  • Setsuo Miyazawa, The Politics of Judicial Reform in Japan: The Rule of Law at Last?

Japanese Judicial Reform

  • Sabrina Shizue McKenna, Proposal for Judicial Reform in Japan: An Overview

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