Annual Volume 4

Asia Pacific Law & Policy Review

Volume 4

List of Published Articles:

Phase 1

  1. Anvita C. H., Judicial Interpretation of Minority Shareholders Rights in Mergers and Acquisitions (Download)
  2. Arjoo Tailor & Snigdha Pimprikar, Extension of Reservation in Private Educational Institution (Download)
  3. Astha Satapathy & Sweta Sapar, Trade Secrets: Need For Statutory Protection In India (Download)
  4. Badal Kumar Gupta, Reservation Policy Under Indian Constitution: A Tool Of Political Trick (Download)
  5. Bhairav Kuttaiah, Compelling Presence Of An Accused: How To Find A Needle In A Haystack (Download)
  6. Bhawna Nanda, A Sociological Study On The Status Of Infrastructure In Paika Panchayat, Ranchi District, Jharkhand, India (Download)
  7. Chandrika Vishwakarma & Kartik Vishwakarma, Mediation in the World of Cars (Download)
  8. Devika Singh, Divya Nadkarni & Joske G. F. Bunders, The Construct Of An Indian Surrogate: Qualifying For Vulnerability (Download)
  9. Dr Sakuntala Gouda, Stone Quarrying and Human Rights Protection Issues (Download)
  10. Dr. Banamali Barik, Constitutional Amendments-validity and limitations: Indian perspective (Download)
  11. Liji Samuel, Conundrum Of Lex Arbitri: A Review Of Recent Judicial Trends In India (Download)
  12. S. Krishnan Mani, UN Peacekeeping, Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Intervention (Download)
  13. Sunidhi Bansal, Traditional Knowledge in IPR from Feminist Perspective (Download)
  14. Gargi Ojha, Legislative Gaps In Detention Scheme Of The Released Bangladeshi Prisoners (Download)
  15. Gibson Gisore Nyamato, Code 2.0, Lawrence Lessig (Download)
  16. Govind Kumar Saxena, Gen. P.K.Sharma (Retd.) & Pranshul Pathak, Me Too Movement (Download)

Phase 2

  1. Karan Audichya & Devina Das, The Centre-State Administrative Relations In Contemporary India: A Detailed Analysis Of The Constitutional Stipulations And Recommendations For A Progressive Execution (Download)
  2. Manoj Singh, Protection Of Cyber Consumers In India (Download)
  3. Milan Hossain, Outlines of Current Judiciary in Bangladesh: A Study (Download)
  4. Pranav Kaushal & Mr. Lakshay Bansal, Constitutional convention: a word having greater significance as the written words of the Constitution itself (Download)
  5. Nupur Sherwal, Millenium Development Goals: India’s Role in achieving them (Download)
  6. Nupur Sherwal, Child Abuse (Download)
  7. Pareesh Virmani, Vallabha Gulati & Prachi Bhati, Aadhaar Act: A Jurisprudential Conundrum That Entails Invasiveness And Breaches Of Privacy (Download)
  8. Pranav Chadha, Human Rights in Customary International Law (Download)
  9. Rakesh Chandra, Cyberbullying And Indian Legal Regime: An Overview (Download)
  10. Rishabh Srivastava, Human Rights Issues & The Rohingya Crisis (Download)
  11. Rohan Naik, Slip of Coconut Oil – Central Excise Tariff Classification Based on Quantity (Download)
  12. Sakshi Agrawal, Academic Research and Copyright Issues (Download)
  13. Saphy Bullu, Legal and Institution Framework’s Capacity in selected countries in Combating Corruption (Download)
  14. Shivi Verma, Importance of compulsory licensing under copyright law: its impact on music rights (Download)
  15. Snigdha Pimprikar & Arjoo Tailor, Regulatory Reforms Required In The Indian Oil And Gas Industry For An Effective Dispute Resolution Mechanism A Way Forward (Download)
  16. Tanessa Puri, A Critical Inspection into the Chauvinism of the Feminism of International Law (Download)